Hello ladies and gentleman, Jacob Wolfe here with a revised disclaimer for this blog to reflect my newer philosophies on life and the new direction in which this blog is going. For the sake of context and for those who didn’t follow this blog back in its hey-day a couple of years ago, this blog used to be a venomous stream of anger against the trivial errors of society in my opinion – swagger, stupid tattoos, pouting in photos – and whilst I personally still find the duck face unbearable and I stand by the opinion that tattoos should be meaningful as lasting marks of identity, not just silly doodles on a canvas made of skin, I feel using my intellect and craft to do little more than point and sneer at these things is a waste of effort and I no longer feel that overwhelming disdain, I just think “prick” and move on like any other Brit would do

You’ll notice, however, that the old articles are not being taken down. Why? Because I’m human, my thoughts and feelings change and you are entitled as my readers to see that change take place. The process of learning about life is constant and perhaps two years from now I’ll rethink my philosophies all over again but as it stands I will not erase my past on here so I can assume the moral high ground forever. I’ve said stupid things, go ahead and read them but don’t cite them back to me like “But you said!” because you need only look at the date stamp on the article and then ask yourself if you’re still the exact same person you were at that time. If you are, you’ve a stunted growth my friend and I don’t mean a height problem

My blog will probably appeal more to the left-wingers of you out there – if you hate the gays and think your wife belongs in the kitchen, you won’t like me very much – you’re welcome to come or go as you please. I do realise however that my articles can be controversial and my thoughts are quite out there and whilst I have toned down on the anger front, I may slip into old habits should the topic hit me emotionally. I will never make cruel humour that unfairly attacks certain demographics – no racism, sexism or homophobia here – but some of you may take offence and to that I say take my opinions with a pinch of salt. Sure, I act the braggart, in reality I’m just a guy who follows the news and talks a lot, I am no authority on the matters in which I speak, I may be misinformed even but still this is just a personal blog, you are simply reading what I think and we can all have thoughts that don’t quite click with other people

All in all, I write this blog for myself, I like to write but I also do it to make you laugh and think, even if by doing so I make you think of a counter argument. I realise my counter-arguments to comments in the past have been rather vicious, mostly for the laughs because I find it kinda funny when people get worked up over my blog, it’s a blog, not the Sunday times, but you’re welcome to comment and I’m working on my people skills. I hope you will enjoy what you read or at the very least respect that it is just my thoughts and whilst arguments are welcome as a battle of wits and mutual respect, coming at me and calling me the devil in human guise is just malicious and I will only ridicule you so as to diffuse the tension you may create with your tone

I hope that explains everything. I realise the blog might be a little less funny but hopefully a bit more informative and enlightening, I’ll still try to make it a fun read and I know I’ll cost myself some views by toning it down, thus losing the crowd that love to see me explode, but I find a calmer approach makes a stronger point. I’ll do my best to make you laugh and think, all I ask is you remember that this is just a blog – you can always stop reading it and think I’m just a prick if you disagree so strongly

Thank you and I hope to make this blog into something so much more worthwhile than it once was and hopefully, in time, just as popular


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