A Liddle Bit Annoying

Pun pun pun pun… Erhem, I like puns, clever ones anyway, forced ones are awful. If you watch Question Time, you can guess what the pun is about, the Sun/Mirror columnist Rod Liddle. Straight away, you know I don’t like him, specifically I don’t like his racist ideals that he took to Question Time to promote – his viewpoints basically being that Britain is a dumping ground for those of other cultures and that’s annoying for white people and that we shouldn’t get so emotionally involved with foreign affairs, after all, who gives two shits about Syria? Well, I do, I sure feel bad that our government basically fuelled armed conflict abroad and allowed a country to tear itself apart only for us to tut and shake our heads and tell them to deal with.it. I’m not the only one, there are charities devoted to easing the suffering of the Syrian refugees, to say we shouldn’t be emotionally involved in this is to deny the validity of such efforts. Anyway, despite the title, this isn’t all about Rod Liddle, he’s a hopeless prat, an idol of the EDL who had the gall to say the GBBO results were rigged to make the winner a minority for their left-wing viewers… WHAT? So obviously, this is a man too stupid to waste my time with, let me instead talk about the Syrian refugee myths and dispel them at this opportunity.

1. Britain is too full, we’re taking in too many!

We’re not that full, the fact there is a rising homelessness rate and less young people are moving out of the family home isn’t because all those opportunities are being given away to refugees, it’s a lack of care from the people up top – just look at how Alan Sugar berated Jeremy Corbyn for a plan to make home-owning more affordable. Britain only accepts about 40% of asylum seeker applications, an asylum seeker has the right to remain where they are until the application is processed, it is only upon denial they no longer have the right to be there. Britain isn’t even in the top-three for taking them in, we agreed to 20,000 by 2020… that’s not much, that’s 5000 a year for four years, we’ve only taken in about that much already since 2014. Britain isn’t the go-to-place either, Turkey and Germany are the preferential choices and are stretched the furthest to accommodate, mainly because they are picking up the slack for less invested nations like ourselves (Even though, y’know, Germany doesn’t have anything to do with Syria, like, at all)

2. They have phones, they can’t be that poor

No, seriously, this is an argument, that if refugees own material possessions they can’t be that poorly done by right? Did you forget what happened? They fled from a developed country that got torn apart, if you yourself were a refugee, YOU WOULD HAVE A PHONE. Think about it, you have to leave home and let’s say you have twenty four hours to prepare, who isn’t going to pack their phone? These people didn’t flee from caves and mud huts, they fled from houses, they fled from a diverse nation that had an economy, it is not a bunch of tribesmen, they are just as up to date as you or I. They learn English, some before they even get here to help them slot into the community more easily.

3. I see young able-bodied men in the media footage, why don’t they fight?

Who? Who do they fight? With what?! Is their enemy their government who failed them, the hypocritical rebels, the opportunistic terrorist movements or the foreign nations that screwed everyone ever with dirty dealings? How should they know? Do you even know? Also, they’re scared, they’re fleeing for their lives and the media portrayal is inaccurate, especially as 50% of the refugees are children. The cameramen and news reporters are usually informed not to focus on people you’d actually feel sorry for because you can’t fuel a media frenzy with sadness, you want people to be disgusted and blind ignorant, not empathetic, empathetic people don’t buy scary newspaper stories.

4. I bet this is a ruse for terrorists to sneak into the country posing as refugees

That’s a convoluted and easily overcome strategy if I ever heard one, need I remind you of Laith Al Saleh, the ‘Islamic State Fighter’ who was actually just a rebel sympathiser forced to flee from his home? Yeah, just because he had a gun in one picture, it doesn’t mean it followed him everywhere, he was a soldier, something happened, now he’s just like the other refugees – seeking safe refuge, not because he’s a poor soldier, no, he just realised his kids probably want a father and seeing as they’re off to the Netherlands, he’s going too! There’s no concrete evidence this is even a scheme they’re using, you’d think the media would jump on it but unless they’re ALLLLLLLLLLLL sleeper agents. we’re fine. Not to mention the fact, they infiltrated the country beforehand using legal means, why would they now decide “Let’s try to sneak people in whilst they’re on their guard and all nervy about foreigners?” I don’t know about you, I wouldn’t try and infiltrate a country that is tetchy about immigration and constantly assuming every non-white face is a goddamn terrorist.

5. They are here to steal jobs/benefits

Firstly, Schrodinger’s Immigrant is a good term here, describing the accursed immigrant that is somehow both stealing jobs and lounging around on benefits, those are not two things you can do at once, have you seen the hoops you have to jump through for benefits? And how unskilled and uneducated are you that you’re blaming your unemployment on them? The refugees are here to contribute, they’re grateful to be given a home and it shows – Germany’s economy is booming and they’re making more job opportunities available than are actually being taken up on. It’d be a long term thing, the benefits won’t be seen for a while for us but no government is stupid enough to overburden a nation with unskilled workers from abroad, in fact the fleeing refugees, most are educated, some highly-skilled and filling blanks where we don’t have the people for it. As for scrounging, most of them live on £5 a day, that’s tuppence in the grand scheme of things – if our money as a nation is going down the pan, it’s not to them, over the last ten years immigrants and refugees earned Britain £20bn in tax revenue, it’s because we’re selling off what industry we have and investing that money into military funding… which then perpetuates armed conflict in Syria. Huh, shooting ourselves in the foot there don’t you think?

6. It’s not our job to get involved

You can detach yourself, sure, not all are satisfied with the emotional plight here – but in doing so, you dehumanise people that are, at the core of it, our fellow human beings. From a moral standpoint, human suffering is a curse every nation in the world should fight against, Britain is one of the most developed countries in the world, it should do its part. We should get involved because our government not only allowed this to happen but fanned the flames, Russia called the US and the UK out on it and decided to be blunt, they’re going to go in there guns blazing and wreck the joint and our higher-ups wanted to do that but don’t want to fuck with Russia so only now are we stepping back from it. You want to talk about it not being our job to get involved though, World War One had nothing to do with us, we defended Europe from war just because we weren’t going to let that shit happen without a challenge, World War Two we defended a nation that couldn’t defend itself, Britain is always getting involved, it’s the spirit of our nation – be the outstretched hand to the downtrodden and show solidarity with all.

In the end, these are innocent human beings fleeing a country we had a hand in destroying and with it now at risk of being blown off the map entirely, we’re in no place to tell them to go away and put our fingers in our ears. Also, immigrants or migrants, wrong term, they are refugees, they can’t go away, they’ve got nowhere to go, no home to go back to. Fuck it, if you ask me, someone who is willing to sleep in a shipping crate or cling to a lorry deserves some respect and consideration if they’re that goddamn desperate to find a new place to live. No more calling them swarms or plagues or nuisances or scroungers, call them people – dehumanising an entire demographic to make it easier to hate them is the exact same shit Hitler pulled when he called the Jewish community ‘rats’, we didn’t stand for it then, don’t stand for it now.


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