Origins of Old Man Wolfe

Trigger Warnings – None.

Seeing as my situation isn’t likely to change anytime soon, I thought I would make a little extra effort to find interesting topics to talk about that I can do without extensive research or a pile of online resources. That in mind, have I ever told you folks the story of how Jacob Wolfe became Old Man Wolfe? Seriously, I am legitimately asking or else this is going to be a boring story if everyone knows the ins and outs of it. Fuck it, I’ll wing it and see what happens.

I have certainly mentioned before that my style is influenced by the likes of Doug Stanhope, David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker, names you may or may not recognise depending on how well you know the world of comedy and journalism. Charlie Brooker was my biggest inspiration, which is something I’m sure he’d find amusing – that his rants about the dismal nature of our modern society inspired someone. I had seen on him on TV and found him both hilarious and insightful, cutting through the bullshit of life with a hatchet, it just clicked for me. Still, I couldn’t find it in me to just copy him, that felt ingenuine, I merely appreciated his craft.

My first ever rant, way way back, was written after having vocalised many numerous little rants to my friends in college on matters great and small. I found people either thought I needed to mellow out or continue mumbling angrily until I exploded into a hilarious fireworks display of swear words. I decided to do it, to take the plunge and do a rant and went about honing my craft with inspiration source material like Zero Punctuation and Screenwipe to get my head in the game and then boom, off I went, ranting like a madman.

The Facebook response was brilliant, it warranted another and so I did, it snowballed into more and more rants and the name Old Man came about from various sources, though I can remember the way one friend in particular used to say it that made it sound loveably stupid and yet somehow respectable.

 I steered clear of social justice discussions for fear of backlash, making intense and verbose attacks on trivial issues that just sorta bugged me at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I still clench my teeth when I see people walk about in town with trousers so low the seat of their pants is filling with gravel but in the grand scheme of things, sagging trousers aren’t as much of an issue as trans* violence or wealth inequality. Playing it safe seemed ok and if anyone was upset, it didn’t matter, I was hardly challenging a belief system but now that I realise I have a podium, I kinda want to use it for more than crude humour.

People sometimes ask if I hate my old work or if I wish I had never bothered with some of my old articles or done this differently, to that I say yes and no. Yes because I can always improvement on everything I do, I can be funnier, smarter, longer, shorter but no, I’m glad I made those mistakes then and I look at each article with an idea of what I learnt from each one – what jokes aren’t acceptable, what topics aren’t worth visiting, how my views have changed, it is always about the learning process.

I hope that was sort of interesting, the future for this blog should be bright in 2015, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for sticking with me this far and see you again soon!


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