Man And His Gadgets

Trigger Warnings – None.

I do so hope the laptop is fixed soon, or replaced or anything, this is not looking to be a practical long term solution using my phone. I’m not the biggest fan of phones on the whole, I use them more as a convenient means of quick communication or to have the odd conversation but the current situation has made me come to see my phone as an internet browser, a work space, a games console, a media player, all those other things people regularly use their phone as that I didn’t. I always get phones with these features, just in case are three words I live by, but only recently have I taken the time to explore my phone and its capabilities. We are all far too dependent on technology aren’t we? I sure am anyway, being without a laptop has deprived me of my work, my main research tool and a form of entertainment. I can’t help but feel a little pathetic about that really but this is so deeply ingrained in our society now that people lose their temper when their Wi-Fi goes down for half an hour. Mad world.

The future of technology will no doubt change the future of education and of priorities in learning. I hold the firm belief that in time it will not be data retention that is a key skill in school but data research, learning how to find accurate information, how to critically understand it and use it, not just learning facts and figures to regurgitate in exam conditions. I’ve nothing against such a future, despite thriving in a classroom environment as a kid I can still see our present system is fundamentally flawed, it just poses questions as to the changing face of intellectual pursuits and the division between our own genius and that of our technology. Even now, if computers world wide all went dead, permanently, how would we function?

I’m tech savvy, I think, I was certainly a computer whiz back in the era of Windows XP, I could get my head round that no trouble, but I don’t keep pace and don’t often care. Tablet computer, yet to find myself wanting one that badly except to do scenes from Star Trek. I’ve never used one though so maybe I don’t know what I’m missing. I’d say I sound like a real old man but apparently tablets are more popular with the older crowd anyway. Still, we must keep developing, we must always make progress for the good of humanity and its home planet, knowledge is a fine thing to pursue and will provide you a fulfilling life long quest, certainly does for me anyway.

Anyway, it’s nice to switch things off hey? Spend honest time with other people and that’s coming from a moody eccentric introvert, even I can admit it is nice to go outside. I used to hide away in my room all the time growing up, avoided everyone. I do still have those moments and after enough socialising or if too many people talk at me at once, I retreat into myself and some form of gadget. Life is always a balancing act is it not? We just need to be analytical of ourselves and see which side we are teetering towards and make informed decisions from there.


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