Fingerbound Blogger

Trigger Warnings – None.

So I’ll start by saying the laptop is pretty much a total write off and I am now stuck working from my phone because I have neither a tablet or a desktop and libraries aren’t open this late in the evening. This is a bother, long passages of text are a nightmare by touch screen, even with predictive text. Ultimately the impact of this on my work will be that the posts might be shorter, I get a buzzing pain in my fingers if I use touch screens for more than half an hour straight. I also apologise but there isn’t a justify the text option on this app so the posts may look messy. So yeah, that’s a setback.

Ugh, that last paragraph took forever and it’s barely even a fifth of the article, this is going to be hell but I haven’t stopped this daily momentum before now, can’t let the lack of a computer stop me now can I?

Being fingerbound, a term I have invented and already realised doesn’t make sense because I still use my fingers to operate a keyboard but hey, I can’t really write articles along the lines of the calibre I would like, this might just be some personal posts and little oddities, if that already sounds uninteresting then just skip the next week or two. Hopefully I will get to a proper computer soon, maybe I will have to visit the library after all.

Anyway, I have waffled on a bit and not about anything in particular I notice other than my current situation. Truth be told, my fingers ache like mad now, seriously. However, kudos to whoever developed this app, it does work, not without space for improvement but at the core this thing is useful. I would appreciate it though if it didn’t keep forgetting my blog exists, that gets old fast. Oh well, we shall see how it goes but I think I’ll wrap it up here for now if you guys don’t mind. Goodnight!


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