The Tea-Drinker’s Return

Trigger Warnings – None

Hey folks, it’s getting late again, my timetable was fiddled with by forces outside of my control that pushed everything back an hour so for now I need to find something to tide over until tomorrow because I like to keep the posts coming daily. However, with the only interesting subjects to mind being subjects that deserve full detail and not just a rushed effort before that late night hour that marks an end to views for the night, I find myself once again just looking for a topic to go over for now so I decided to reveal a little more about TDWC and its origins as well as its future, or at least, its hypothetical future at this stage

TDWC, that stands for Tea-Drinking Wisecracker, a working title that stuck, is the story of Lee Patience, a demon that hunts demons with the help of human companions and the characters have gone through several minor tweaks and hairstyles to try and create a working formula for adventure and comedy. TDWC combines a lot of ideas I’ve had into one beloved brainchild, using recycled ideas from old projects and drawing upon inspiration from the very shows and games it emulates such as Devil May Cry, Doctor Who and Archer. I had always wanted to do something using a character like Lee, who initially started out a very serious one-liner kind of man but gradually became a little more laidback and humorous as he was further developed

Lee and Katakura are actually both heavily inspired by my own personality and a few friends, as well as certain idols of mine from various points of my life. Lee is a fantasy, Katakura is reality and they also both represent the archetypes of the British TV hero – a handsome youngster in a big coat being brilliant and a tough-as-nails working class bloke dressed in various shades of brown. The chemistry is akin to Sherlock and Watson, though actually draws more heavily from internal conflicts and from the relationship between Masamune Date and Kojuro Katakura of Feudal Japan, thus leading to Katakura’s codename, as he studies history for a hobby. As for Valerie and Obadiah, well they’re based on a number of friends and characters from Archer, a personal favourite show of mine (A fan of TDWC and Archer may notice the Valerie/Lana and Obi/Cyril similarities)

To those who don’t know me in my personal life, you’re no doubt confused who Valerie is, the third incarnation of TDWC is not available on my blog at present but I hope to present the fourth to the world somehow. First things first, the scripts, characters and plot are all being worked on. I want to add another female lead role to counter Valerie, she won’t physically participate in the action like Valerie but might work as tech support or the head of the armoury. Valerie needs some work to avoid the typical “Grumpy woman brought along on a wacky adventure” persona that most female third-wheels experience. I also want the series arc to be stronger throughout, making more subtle nods to the finale rather than lumping it in halfway through and expecting my audience to be interested just because. TDWC bears the brunt of my experimentation and failure because it is entirely malleable as a work of art and more a project of fun than actual serious ambition, though seeing it on TV would actually make me weep with joy

I would make TDWC into a web series but lack the funding and the actors, as well as scripts, props, technology, directing skills, basically everything you’d need to make a web series. Casting would be a nightmare too, could you imagine trying to get a forty something Manchurian, a mid twenties Londoner and a Welsh woman in her early twenties all in the same place every week/month to do a YouTube video? Not impossible but not easy. Still, that’s far in the future and this would probably look better animated with a voice over I should think, who knows? I sure don’t, I’m always hacking this thing to bits

Ah, the writer’s curse, anything you write, you cross out and try and improve upon minutes later, much like the curses falling upon an artist. Oh well, I’ll get there, maybe one day I’ll have enough faith in a project to see it from start to finish and into publication as a book, a comic book series, a tv show, a movie, freakin’ anything other than a pile of papers in a bin

Sorry today’s post was probably not what you were looking for, though you’ve probably come to expect this distractions from the battle for equality right? Happens often enough. I hope that tomorrow things will be back to normal, at least this time I had no control over it, yesterday I was just indecisive and time got away from me


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