Good Company

Trigger Warnings – Nothing as far as I can tell

Nothing hot-button to discuss tonight folks, I’m rather tired and woke up feeling shoddy. Admittedly I recovered over the course of the day but I’ve had a nice day in all and I’m more just taking a night to let myself breathe, things have been hectic in the world of Wolfe lately. The Christmas season approaches, though I protest for it to wait until the end of November, and with my manager working harder in her duties, I’m working harder in mine and I’m ok with this but it can still become tiring. Ah well, I had today to myself, I made the most of it and I’ve only got two more days of work before enjoying two more days off. Admittedly this funny rota can mean the days of the week mean bugger all to me, I don’t have your conventional weekends any more so I can’t really keep track of what day it is any more but I manage perfectly alright so I shan’t make a fuss

I’m home by myself this evening for the last time in a while as my stepmother and her mother are coming soon so as soon as I knew this would be so, I went out of my way to enjoy it. I say that, I made myself a nice tomato and bacon pasta dish, bought myself some nibbles and am currently sat in front of Samurai Warriors 4. The game is article worthy in itself but I’ve found whenever I’m home alone I talk so much more and about so much, just out loud to myself, even using body language. I imagine to any voyeurs peering in at me I must look mad, waving my arms around in the kitchen as I tell myself the joys of cooking one’s own food. I recently discovered talking to yourself isn’t a sign of madness but in fact intelligence, for whatever reason, but a study showed that those who do talk to themselves are generally higher up the IQ scale. Yes, IQ is flawed as a measure of intellect but still

Creature comforts are fun, nothing is quite the same as a quiet evening with a warm jumper and good food. Yes, I overcooked the bacon a smidge and didn’t prepare quite enough sauce but as I sat there eating, I remembered this would be the last time I’d do this until I had the money to live independently and even then it’d only be for so long until I wanted someone in my life, if only to bounce ideas off. I’m a madman when left to my own devices, I never shut up, I giggle, I make bad jokes, I even dance and my ultimate ambition is to one day not be embarrassed to do such things in the presence of someone who brings out the best in me. I’m thankful for my closest friends, they bring me out of my shell but even so I think they’d begrudge me if I lounged across them all the time (though a particular friend does so enjoy making me into furniture)

As vane as it sounds, I like my own company, I like thinking aloud and I like being as unconventional as I am. Yes, I’m probably weird and would not make the best neighbour in the world but in my own company I am confident, I speak with perfect eloquence (Despite what my written style might lead you to think, in person I rarely say more than three words at a time, a sentence of four words or longer often includes some sort of stutter or is entirely nonsensical for all the grammatical mistakes. I don’t know why, just is). I can get bored and lonely sure, I do sometimes wish that the evenings to myself were instead nights in with a partner or a night out with a few good buds but I think everyone should enjoy their own company and be just that extra little bit weirder. I’d encourage you all to talk to yourself once in a while, be truly passionate about your hobbies without fear of judgment, strut around your flat naked without worrying about decency, reflect on the joys in your life whilst nobody is around to make you feel awkward. The world will provide you with enemies so work hard at being your own friend


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