Nights Like These Are Why I Should Drink

Trigger Warnings – Nothing

Sorry for the late post, had one hell of a bad day. I had this glorious blog post planned but it can wait, for now I just want to scream. I finish work, get baffled by the paperwork so decide to leave it for tomorrow morning as its not due til Monday. I go home, no key under the mat and when I knock, nobody is in because the youngest is out with mates and my Dad and my brother Jonah went out, neglecting to leave me a key. I know they don’t read my blog, any of them, they never express interest in it so I feel okay to whine and entitled to. I thought I had a place to go, it fell through and Dad suggested I go stay with his friend but I hate to impose on people I barely know.  Anyway, stuck out on the streets for the night I go back to the shop, decide to shelter somewhere warm that I can freely access, planning on getting a cuppa and trying again at those papers. No milk. I lose it at that point and sulk in a corner with a puzzle (which I put together after half an hour). I get told Jonah’s performance ends at 9 so Dad and Jonah will pick me up at 9:30. 9:20, still nothing, 10:00 I hear they’ve only just left so I can expect them at 10:20 instead. I get dropped off at the local Chinese to go grab my dinner and order Kungpo Chicken with Large Egg Fried Rice. I get two boxes of something and go home, serve it up, rice is the wrong size but he charged me less so I won’t complain. I start eating and it tastes awful, disgusting shite, the chicken is wrong… except only after I’ve woken up a bit do I realise it’s awful because it’s prawns. I fucking hate prawns. A dinner I can’t eat, a house I couldn’t go home to and just generally going batty

I don’t drink, tried it, didn’t take to it and don’t like the idea of taking any substance that dulls my intellect as it is my most prized trait above all else, except for my upright character. I know this is just a guy whining but fuck, I need to whine, I need to vent and maybe better people put up with worse shit but this is my struggle, this is hard for me and my own personal breaking point is being teased with to the point where I’m gonna flip to such an extent I’ll be an Olympic gymnast. I just wanna, I wanna… I dunno, something involving branding irons and faces. Gah!

Times like these are when I just need something comforting to crawl into. I was gonna curl up with Chinese food and stream some TV but the food is crap and the internet is iffy. Great. Applications will be considered for a comfort buddy, must be a non-irritating example of the human species



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