The Race For Momentum

Trigger Warnings – Erm… I argue with myself about half way through? Nothing to worry about here really

Hello again, you may well have noticed I’ve been very active over this past week, posting at least one new thing a day and I thought I’d clue you in as to why this is so and what to expect. Firstly, I make no promises that this will be the norm, that a new article will roll off the presses everyday from here until Doomsday because I’ll get tired or have nothing to say or end up repeating myself to the point where I vanish off the radar again. I aim for regular posts and this daily stream of constant posting is more just to force me back into the habit because if I can make it a habit, I can commit and ensure a stricter and more regular schedule is maintained

Well that was brief… I meant to make a full article out of that explanation… oops. Erhem, filler filler, what to talk about? Oh, why haven’t I done anything special today? Well, I did update the disclaimer… not good enough? Doctor Who was on tonight, I got distracted and I don’t write these during the day because I use the daylight to do my own thing like… ok so today I did nothing but whatever, it’s my blog, I post when I like dicknuts. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to call you dicknuts but you were being a bit of a dick. I have to wonder who I’m talking to when I ask myself things on the behalf of my readers… I argue with myself a lot, ask anyone that knows me well enough

A bit of a short one but normal service shall resume shortly. Heads up in advance though, I’m working a longer week next week so if I slack off or vanish briefly, I’ve worked myself to exhaustion and can’t find the energy to ramble on about Ebola or what have you. Thanks for reading!


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