A Brand You Can’t Trust

Well we’re straight up going political on this mother nugget, no holds barred, let’s go right in there and cut to the core of the issue, the rotten one. Johnny Rotten. You get it? I made a joke because Johnny Rotten made headlines today for criticising Russell Brand on his dreams of a revolution, by which Brand actually seems to mean complete and total apathy for the political system. Yes, former Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten said in an interview with John Lydon that “If you’re not voting, not contributing, you’re demanding to be ignored” and the general response was a well deserved hurrah. Johnny urged my generation to take part, to get involved in politics and learn about the different parties, what they stand for and who to vote for and I wholeheartedly agree – too many people in the 18-24 age group don’t vote, which is an issue I feel strongly enough about to talk to you all about it so here goes nothing.

Ok, so Russell’s argument was that the system is corrupt and flawed and that is doesn’t accurately represent the will of the people so as such it’s outdated and should be boycotted which I can see some reasoning to, don’t get me wrong. Yes, the system is corrupt and flawed, it’s what governments usually are by their very nature, a bunch of rich privately-educated people trying to think what do poor people want whilst corporations whisper promises of yet more riches in their ear to do the opposite. Politicians suffer from a disconnect from our reality because with power and wealth there comes a new reality for you, a reality in which your car drives itself, your house is always clean and everybody wants to know what you think so when that’s been your life long enough, things like fuel costs, pastry taxes and heating bills are just words to you. The system is not run by the masses no, but the masses can overwhelm the system when they stand united and demand change. As Rotten said, refusing to vote means refusing to take that stand, to demand anything so the people that always vote (The rich and the extremist agendas) are all we see in power because heck, they’re always happy/angry and being either of those gets stuff done. Apathy? Well I’ve wrote a few articles on apathy, you decide how much I got done. If a system is wrong you don’t give up on the system, you change it. If something is broken, you fix it, the value of fixing things has been forgotten in a world of impatience but when you see that something truly isn’t working, try a new approach and come at it again like a rabid dog.

I think the big problem I have with Brand is he’s influential to our generation, he can spoonfeed my peers this gobshite about giving up hope on politics and demanding anarchy. People see Russell Brand, they see a comedian and a famous face that tells them to abandon hope and give into despair, which is essentially his message. A celebrity trotting around the land saying such depressing nonsense that can be reduced to the core concept of “Give up, it’s useless”. Thanks, we didn’t feel bleak enough already, we really needed you to drill it into our skulls you scraggly haired halfwit. If you’re a young voter and you don’t care, nobody will care for you. If the LGBT community never said “We want legal marriage”, you really think it’d just happen on a whim? No political system reform ever came about as a part of doing nothing – womens rights, civil rights movement, legalisation of homosexuality and of homosexual marriages, the end to death sentences in Britain – somebody, well a lot of somebodies, had to say enough is enough and fight the system to get what they wanted from it and fuck me, it worked. How do you plan to change the world by missing the polling time because you were eating pop tarts and bitching about things on Tumblr?

For the record, I don’t know why Russell Brand sees himself as a political authority, I always assumed he was just a hit-and-miss comedian but he seems to think he’s Che Guevara, his own words. I would like to point out that whilst Guevara was a revolutionary, his revolution installed a dictatorship of total authority and the man himself was a fan of torture and shooting squads. Great hero Brand, did you learn anything from the guy apart from how to hate and how to style your hair? This a romanticised view of politics and rebellion, a desperate rage that wants to destroy the old ways and replace it with… well… they never think that far ahead. Brand calls it ‘alternative systems’, which is a clever way of saying he hasn’t the faintest idea. To be honest a revolution of non-activism is a process in which the process, not the result, is the ambition. Sticking it to the man is all well and good but if you’re gonna tell someone they’re doing everything wrong, correct them or else you come across as a foul little imbecile

I know guys, life is hard and politics are dull and why should you care right? Rent’s too damn high, no jobs are available, your parents had an easier job finding work (Probably not true but you’d like to think it is) but guess what, that’s the reality of the situation and it won’t change by doing nothing. Politics are daunting and a lot to learn but it’s a small price to pay to have your opinions matter right? Ignorance makes fools of us all! Please, I’m begging you, be bothered, get off your idle backside and give a shit or you will be nothing but a number for the rest of your life. I voted last time, I’ll vote again, I’ll always vote because when the issue is important, I’m a noisy son of a gun and one day someone might just reckon I’m saying something worth listening to. Heck, at almost 6000 views on this blog, seems that day is coming. Don’t listen to celebrities, listen to the facts, get engaged in your community and learn what each party stands for and understand why you’re in the shit you’re in rather than whine about the smell because if everyone who could vote, did vote, some parties we want to grow might well flourish and soon enough the old men in power are gonna have to shut up and listen to the united strength of their successors

Can you tell I’ve got my spark back?


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