Sticking With It

Ok, something has to change, I have to really try harder to stay in this writing game because the cycle of inspiration, staleness and then silence, only to then be pestered for new material is getting a bit tiresome and frankly undermines my own integrity as a writer and a speaker for the views I claim to represent. Without affirmative action, at least in the form of a strong argument presented with eloquence, my opinions are nothing more than the pretentious smug ideals of a ‘social justice warrior’ who clings to words like ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ but never really does anything beyond scouring comment sections for people to loathe. Granted, words are words, my inane ramblings have yet to actually change someone for the better, nobody has come to me and said they view ‘sluts’ in a new light or told me how they’d justify their own existence to a rogue robot from the future but I figure if I keep trying, I can at least open the floor to discussion and hopefully that can lead to action. Heck, I’ve done a fair share of charity work and at the time of print, I am a charity worker – for a salary yes but I was with that same charity for four months as a volunteer, sue me if they repaid me by temporarily getting me out of queues at the DWP. Anyway, run on sentences about justifying myself aside, I need to make an effort, a real effort at that, to give the people what they want. By people I mean my friends who think I have potential as a writer and by what they want I mean studies of our culture laced with verbose humour.

So, where to start? The cycle I’m in means I face the daunting task of worthy comebacks. I did a little rant a while ago about the whole nude-photo leak scandal and how the true scandal is not that women are unafraid of embracing their own natural beauty and displaying it with the understanding that these photos were for private use but in fact the scandal is that this sex crime, which is what it is, made the victims out as villains, not the perpetrators. However, I have a lot to catch up on – nerd culture’s abject hatred of the female gender, the Ebola terror that seems to have everyone in a flutter and the considerable changes to Doctor Who that have me wondering if Steven Moffat has maybe dug a little deeper in terms of building characters. I do not lack material to work with, I’m following the news more closely now so I can be more in tune with the world and highlight things that say “Ok guys, let’s discuss this”. I must say though, I’ve changed as a man since I started these rants and so what was once me being a hyper-aggressive man with a dictionary attacking insignificant things like tattoos and catchphrases is now going to be a slightly less aggressive man with that same dictionary, albeit a few more pages, presenting his views on things actually worth talking about. I don’t burn with the anger of my youth, by which I mean two years ago, and I feel that using my abilities for nothing more than telling people they look stupid when they do this is kind of a waste. All the same though do feel free to read my older stuff but take it with a pinch of salt as people change, do not call it up in an argument with me saying “Didn’t you say this though?” to which the response will be “Yes, I said that at that time, would you like to hear my opinions from when I was twelve? Spoiler alert, they were also dumb” which is a rant in itself and I’m not afraid to admit to some really stupid opinions in my past but then I was uninformed


Long story short, I hope to come back into my element but this will have to fit around a social and working life as well as battles with low moods and shaky health. On the TDWC front, same situation, hit a wall with ideas and found myself struggling with plots as well as already noticing what could be better – a well established lore, Valerie being less of a typical female character with tits, guns and a grumpy attitude and the series arc being more noticeable throughout. TDWC is weird in that I can see the distant future being full of ideas, it’s just learning to walk before I run, I’ve not written series of works before except a comic series I had as a kid but looking at that in retrospect, it was more just Marvel Comics and Doctor Who smashed together with my face on it – I was a kid, kids copy shit, so what?

Thank you for reading and a huge thank you to those who insisted I get back in the saddle so to them this is me, getting in the saddle

Hi-ho silver!


5 thoughts on “Sticking With It

  1. Excellent Post. You shouldn’t feel bad for having periods of dryness with inspiration- we all do- I write my best songs and poetry when they just come naturally, rather than being forced… You’re a great writer, you just need to believe in yourself more.


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