Out Of Darkness And Into The Blight

On the day I started blogging I set myself a few rules and one was to never dabble in serious affairs when ranting, avoid the big news stories so that nobody can be justified in getting truly worked up about my post. I mean you can kick up a storm of abuse about me not liking your music tastes or dress sense but ultimately you are not going to achieve anything other than making yourself like yet another angry person on the internet. Granted, my rants come across as vicious but need I remind you all yet again that I am overstating my opinion for comic effect and that in person, I’m pretty quiet and laid back. I bent that rule when Thatcher died because having been born and raised with my family’s nails barely gripping the bread line, I was infuriated when people made her out as a benevolent and wise goddess among women when all I had seen of her influence was the collapse of British industry that ensured my father’s fate as forever scrabbling to make end’s meat. Well now that rule is being bent again in light of the recent news involving Woolwich and in particular, the response of our nation to this crime.

Allow me to summarise what happened for our readers who either don’t live in Britain or don’t follow the news. A young army cadet had noticed a car was following him for some time and started to run for it when the vehicle pulled over and two men armed with machetes jumped out, beat him to the ground and then beheaded him before shouting that they did this in the name of Allah and that it was retaliation for the lives lost across the sea. Police were quickly upon the scene and shot at the assailants who are now being treated for their injuries whilst being held in custody. I will start by saying there is no justification to ever behead a man in cold blood and that my heart goes out to the family of this man, a man who did nothing to provoke this attack and certainly did not deserve to die as he did. If somehow my rant has reached someone who knew him then know that I am truly sorry for your loss in such a way that my words are never going to be enough to describe. The attackers are nothing short of evil in my eyes, petty thugs that deserve everything that is coming to them through proper legal action, such being the way these things should be resolved. With that said however, I fear that the repercussions of this attack are what truly frightens me and now allow me to explain.

As you may or may not be aware, Britain is leaning towards a UKIP government, United Kingdom Independence Party for those who are mystified by the name. The UKIP stand for making Britain a country free of any binding contracts across the rest of Europe and believe that the future of this country is to be found in focusing internally, as opposed to maintaining relations abroad. Understandably, not dealing with any issues on the other side of the planet is starting to appeal more and more to the people of this nation as loved ones die fighting in a foreign land so everyone wants the killing to stop and if that means refusing to take part, then by all means, withdraw. I am not opposed to the idea of pulling out but then people forget that the war is a war for equality and a stable government in a struggling nation and that their loved ones died heroes defending basic human rights that many people are denied. Regardless of who plays General, a war is fought by soldiers and it is the soldiers we honour, they are good men who saw it as their sovereign duty to take up arms and fight for their home, their family and the right of all people to freedom. A soldier may not know the politics behind the wat but a soldier knows one thing – they will lay their life on the line for the ones they love, whether or not they truly understand the reasons behind the bloodshed they will still offer themselves as sacrifice to keep their family safe and that is nothing short of astonishing. Oh yes, the leaders of both sides claim to represent a greater good but then are they on the front lines? Do they truly understand sacrifice from their shelter? Modern warfare allows a man to kill thousands and never spill a drop of blood himself. I felt I needed to explain that for the next section to make any sense to you.

The attackers were Muslims and as I’m sure everyone is aware, the tensions between religious groups is immense as both groups make wild accusations about one another. If I were to say that said group were a bunch of god forsaken lunatics hellbent on destruction, nobody would be able to differentiate between that being a criticism of the extremists abroad or their opinion of us. Readers I implore you to consider the fact that both sides slaughter the innocent in droves but with the difference being that they have machetes, we have unmanned security droids. I have seen a lot of offensive and ignorant dribble about all Muslims being ‘turban-wearing terrorists’ or ‘Pakistani scumbags’ but we should remember that the entire Muslim faith didn’t commit the atrocity in Woolwich, two men did. Two extremists, a pair of Pseudo-Islamic criminals that use religion as justification for their action yet I am certain that should they meet Allah, he will do anything but praise them. The Muslim faith condones the actions of these two men and now they suffer yet again because the people are up in arms and call out Muslims as terrorists that need to leave the country, despite many of them being born and raised in England (On a side note, a man not far from where I live is as British as a meat pie but he follows the Muslim faith. Casing point, he’s hardly a terrorist and he has the most stereotypical blokey accent ever so if he was booted across to the middle east, they’d want his guts for garters as an evil white infidel)

If you think two bad eggs are proof enough that an entire religion is evil, you’re dead wrong. You can’t condemn and loathe Christians for the Ku Klux Klan but people want to cast off entire countries as homes to depraved mad men because they saw two mad men on the television that claimed to be fighting for the sake of those countries. As far as a terrorist attack goes, this was the work of two idiots with a perverted sense of justice looking for trouble and hiding behind their faith so that they can sleep at night. You see, it is not easy to impulsively kill someone by beheading them but if you assure yourself that the victim deserves it, suddenly you feel a sense of relief and the blade in your hand becomes your new friend. Extremists exploit their religious beliefs to mask the fact they are psychopaths with prejudice ruling their actions so they kid themselves that they are holy warriors exterminating the godless savages. I’m an Atheist, not an Anti-theist, so I’m not going to say that religion is what drives us to war but for the people in charge who give the orders to kill, they probably feel better if they do so to please the deities they worship and if you’re a twisted mother fucker who wants to cut a man’s head off, claiming it is for your god makes you feel less evil than claiming it was something to do with your spare time.

As a British Citizen and a white male, I’m sickened to my very gut when I see how other white males in Britain see fit to respond to the atrocities. I see nothing but hatred and if this was a planned terror attack, the objective was to intimidate us and provoke us into doing something reckless so that they can justify their wrath. One mindless slaughter leads to another and another and soon humanity falls like dominoes because a few people were not quite right in the head and a lot of people overreacted. Hatred is never the answer people, wake up and realise that your anger will cause this entire situation to escalate and soon we will see news reports of white men killing anyone they suspect of being a Muslim in the street as ‘retaliation against the Paki bastards!’ but all they will have achieved is bringing us down to the level of savages. We are not righteous, they are not righteous, and religion finds itself in an awkward relationship with the words ‘evil’ and ‘war’. I do not follow a religion but having one is not a bad thing and if two people are of different faiths, they should just avoid each other if they believe it to be cause for argument. My views on religion are a blog post in themself to be quite honest so perhaps I’ll explain that some other time but we can’t point the finger at faith and tell it to end the war by shooting itself in the face. The anger of the people has already lead to racism and the demand for segregation but if we allow ourselves to grow increasingly intoxicated by rage, every man and child in the street will either be screaming for blood or screaming as they lose it.

Personally, I hope every Muslim in Britain is safe and sound at home with their loved ones and do not befall any harm from ignorant brutes looking to get even. I do not support the actions of so-called patriots wreaking havoc because they feel it is justified, if your argument can only be resolved by killing the other person then this is a weakness in your argument. I mean, I can be as venomous as I like in my rants and in the comments below when dealing with trouble-makers but if I hunted them down and stabbed them in the neck, I’m only proving to the world that I’m a twisted fucking psychopath and nobody is inclined to agree with me on an intellectual level but out of fear of deadly consequence.

I realise you may still cling to anger in your heart and you want to see somebody answer for the horrors of the past few years, somebody has to bear the brunt of this rage and venom or we will forever boil over with contempt. Your answer is not the people, it is the authority that claims to defend. I am not an expert but I’ll wager we didn’t want to go to war and neither did they but when the people above us found excuse, havoc was unleashed. Your anger belongs with the governments who fail to realise they are encouraging each other to be more and more violent and your anger also belongs with the extremists that ruin the image of entire nations and religions in their recklessness. Next time you hear news that there was a man stabbed to death by a Pseudo-Islamic lunatic, or a man in a turban was mistaken for a bomber by a couple of drunkards, direct your hatred at them as individuals, not every other thing they are associated with. I blame the media for this but every time we see a bad person in the news, their life story is flashed before our eyes and we are led to believe ‘This is what makes a person evil!’ but that’s bullshit. If you want to call a man evil because he’s a Muslim or a Christian, you might as well also call him evil because he plays golf, reads Agatha Christie novels, eats cheese. A man is not an evil man because of what he claims to represent, it is a problem with his inner workings that he justifies with a cause and we blame him for using that same cause.
“Oh typical, another fan of Neil Diamond was caught beating a girl to a pulp in an alleyway. Curse those Diamond-licking arseholes, they should fuck off out of our country. Neil Diamond is evil!”
Do you see how stupid that sounds? Well the same goes for accusing someone of being evil because of their race or religion, it is an aspect of their character but the fault lies within. We are talking troubling childhood, fixation on stabbing things, anger issues that were never dealt with, the kind of thing that makes any other psychopath a murderer and not just a troubled individual.

I will summarise by saying that what happened was a horrific nightmare that shook the nation and the family of the victim should know my thoughts are with them. The conflict has been drawn out and now another innocent family becomes part of a list of people who lost someone dear to them because somebody from somewhere was a crazed barbarian. We are all the losers here because we are all slaves to blood lust and prejudice, to ignorance and hatred. The extremists are symptoms of a disease that blights humanity, of a flaw in how we interact with one another as human beings. People of the world unite for fuck’s sake, we all have to share this planet for now so it’d be a damn site easier if we tried to get along without blowing each other up or calling each other infidels. Stay safe, love your family and friends and do not let your hatred dictate your life. Thank you

PS – I want to thank this Facebook page below for providing me with a lot of resources for this blog post and for being one of the few pages out there that realise this is the work of the entire Muslim faith, this is the work of two sick men. Check them out for some inspiring views on the subject as they have posted photos of some not-so-ignorant internet users


The Facebook page also has a link to the World Observer Online, which is worth checking out if you don’t know of it already. Thank you.


Levelling With You

Allow me to be frank, by which I mean honest and not a request for a change of identity. I dropped the ball so hard here that it landed on my toes and crushed my foot entirely before rolling away and knocking a door down on its way out. You’re all expecting, or sick of waiting for and losing interest in, a video rant and the third instalment in the TDWC series, which I promised to deliver on each Saturday and now that it’s Monday, that promise doesn’t stand for much any more. I hate breaking promises, I feel like it’s a stain on my honour and when you aim to live for honour, you can’t be the one undermining yourself. Essentially, I built myself a nice little bridge, stood on it then told the guy at the other end to push down the trigger to blow it up. Clever boy aren’t I?

So then, you ask, does this blog have a future at all or are you here to tell us the sad saga of your creative suicide? I’m glad you asked. I’m not dead, for the record, but I am kind of on my last legs creatively. Having said that, I never understood the phrase ‘on my last legs’ – You are born with two and you only ever get two, you don’t grow new ones if you lose them unless you recently regenerated. Old Man Wolfe is feeling especially old lately so excuse me for a lack of creativity. TDWC Episode 3 is set to be a real corker, plot-wise, but each draft fails to deliver that awe-inspiring bad-assery you are all waiting for so I get in a huff and leave it. Ironically, I write my best works when I feel positive because then the rants come across as humorous gut punches, not horrific incidents of pulling out a verbal machine gun and inadvertently telling people to commit seppuku  because I feel a little tetchy. In honesty, my rants are exaggerated versions of my actual point of view. I think wearing trousers lower than you should looks ridiculous but I don’t actually want anyone who does it to be viciously raped. However, should I get too wound up, I can’t show restraint and so what once was a funny scenario becomes something psychotic so until I feel a little less edgy, I’m better off not trying.

My head feels full of stuff but none of it useful, just crowded space, so I suppose a better image to work with is that it feels like the space left up there for me to use is shrinking. Yes, my brain is shrinking, laugh it up. Done? I need to feel I have full control over myself and my inner workings in order to deliver on my promises of bigger, better things. At the moment, I am at war with myself between trying to remain calm and take on life step and step, and losing myself to a crazed outburst and taking on life by calling it my bitch, pinning it to the floor and biting it in the face. I know some say you take life by the balls and squeeze til you get your way but if you’re more inclined to crushing said balls like grapes, you’ve burst that bartering chip and now life just hates you. I owe you all an apology because this means that once again my personal life and the mess therein is robbing my audience of what it demands – crazy old men and sword-swinging comedies. However, in terms of priorities, keeping sane kinda beats blogging… so I’m told.

Don’t lose heart people, and don’t you dare click ‘Unfollow’ and decide I’m past it for good. No sir, I won’t let that happen. I love to write, it is my passion and I hope to one day get paid for this kinda shit… Well, not this post specifically, the rants and the stories I mean. Once I get past the mess that I’m in, you will see me as I try to reclaim my true self and therein rekindle the flames of creativity inside me. You have to be patient, of course, but when I keep someone waiting, I make up for it in the finale. Expect to see more of TDWC eventually and some more rants on more varied topics. I plan to expand into films, television and gaming related rants soon, including some die-hard fanboyism rants about things that I’m into and how I hate people fucking with a solid franchise (Not pointing aqny fingers or anything Ninja Theory… Sega… Moffat… erhem, no, of course not) You can expect this blog to grow into a grand tree of ranting comedy one day but you gotta let the seeds grow and shouting at it won’t change anything, though technically only one person has been getting on at me to hurry up so I’m not too worried.

I guess I’m also disheartened that my absence has only been addressed to me by one die-hard fan who constantly urges me to hurry up and is forever offering suggestions. Kinda endearing on her part but it goes to show that I don’t really have many fans or if I do, they’re so passive that even Gandhi would get irritated in an argument with them. A blessing and a curse in that I’m not receiving too much complaint about not posting anything in a while but you know, some complaining would be nice? I’m not missed it seems, except by said fan. Hopefully, I’ll win you all back with some new material soon enough so I’ll keep you posted on any progress eh? Thanks, that’s all for now