Can I Please Have Your Attention? No, Seriously, Gimme!

I remember a golden era when people saw the three words ‘Old Man Wolfe’ appear on Reader or Facebook and would click like hamsters would for pellets and my blog was at this comfortable height of at least 30 views a day upon which I would sit with a proud grin and ponder my future as a television presenter or famed critic. However, long since gone are the days where it looked likely that Jacob Wolfe would become a household name soon to be in league with Frankie Boyle and David Mitchell and now I feel a little run-down because I’m struggling to script and animate a video for your amusement but my written work goes unnoticed.

Right War, a rant about how extreme feminism is actually harmful to the image of women in our society, is still the most renowned work I have ever written and upon it’s publication, I received over 100 views in less than two hours. Right War was a success because of two critical factors – controversy and a widely discussed subject. Ever since Right War, I have been aiming to emulate that success once again and so far, it’s all fell short in much the same way that throwing rocks into the air isn’t quite a fireworks display or  that ejaculation on a slice of bread isn’t a mayonnaise sandwich. I can’t seem to hit that mark again, even with some rants clearly made to evoke a reaction in my audience (Past Iron) just seem to go by with little to no success.

Today, before publishing this rant, I have had three views in total and six yesterday. Admittedly, nothing new has been published since Past Iron and you’re all probably waiting on that video but still, you’d think I’d get a little word of mouth? I’ve got ten shares in total, mostly from one guy who does it at my request, and as I try harder and harder, I get less and less success. I’m not sure if it is the fact I’m less interesting to read than I once was, that my readers are actually women-beaters or pensive feminists that doubt themselves, or the fact that reading is too time-consuming and a lot of work for some lazy people.

However, if the latter were true then why are other bloggers enjoying crests of success in an age where peoples’ attention spans are shorter than an unfortunate midget’s wedding vegetables? Do inspirational blogs get the spotlight and outshine cynics like me or am I doing something wrong? A lot of questions here and not many answers, as per usual sadly. I’ve asked around and less people read my rants than I thought, with varying responses but the underlying themes being lack of time or understanding. How can that be so? A five minute read is too much time to spare? In regards to understanding, again, is it me or them that’s the problem here – am I just a rambling loon that makes as much sense as bringing a spoon to a shoot-out or is my current audience not the right one? How do you change that if that is the case?

I’m sorry, I’ve just always wanted to be a success using my imagination and creativity and when I walked away from my Art GCSE with a D, I knew illustration wasn’t my ultimate destiny. I fancy tackling fiction writing and if people express interest, I may put up some short stories or drafts of novel chapters on here but please, express an interest (That means leave a comment saying you’re interested, nobody has said anything in response to these requests before except my girlfriend!) However, it feels like I’m not reaching my goals here and this blog might not actually be my ticket to a career in entertainment as a comedian or a columnist. Who knows, my fiction writing might work out better but I’m not hopeful. I feel crushed and drained and am now questioning why I bother when nobody else does – my biggest fan is my girlfriend and that’s about it.

Well, if you took the time to read this, thank you, and if you can spare a moment to leave your thoughts below that’d be twice as cool. Thank you, please go about your day as before.


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