Greetings everybody, you’re probably still waiting on the video eh? Well, the whiteboard is in the post so once it arrives, I’ll crack on. I feel I should warn you in advance this is not a funny rant but a serious one, tackling an issue close to my own heart that upon learning of it, made me truly lose what little faith I had in the government of my collapsing country.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you followed the news? Even if you had, the newspapers have covered it over with the intention of keeping you calm whilst robbing you blind because as of 1st April 2013, David Cameron will make fools of us all and the ConDem (Conservative/Liberal Democrat government… also a pun) government will enforce such tight-arsed changes to the welfare state that the public of Britain will be £18bn worse off. Historians, remember this day as the day David Cameron let the world know he is truly a twat. I think back to 2009, where Cameron spoke at length of inequality in society being the bane of us all and now we see the truth in those words, but not in the way we hoped. As Cameron came to power and blamed the failings of our nation on everyone else bar himself, anyone who watched his speeches on their cheap little television in their shitty little flat were left scared and angry. The welfare state is a lifeline, but also a trap that binds those without enough financial security to cope without it and though we’d all like to live our lives without claiming benefits and still being fine for it, cuts across the board shake our faith in our money and our government. As the economist JK Galbraith observed: “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy: that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

So where is the public outcry? Who fights the fight for the damned? Well, I’ll give the church their dues, they’ve picked up the baton but do you want to know the dark truth in this war on inequality? People weren’t told it was happening until it was too late. The Times, The Telegraph, The Sun and The Mirror are all considered the newspapers read by the common man and not one of them told their readers the plain and simple truth that the government was making cuts to their benefits. The voices of the broken are weak, they are too ill, too poor or just not smart enough to take the fight to Cameron and tell him he’s wrong. I shiver at the thought that this once proud nation, and we were once, is run by a man so out of touch with reality, he believes £65 a week can support the average family with money to spare. A man so monumentally thick, he believes the problem with this country is an excess number of jobless youths and disabled people? Cameron, do you plan to fix this nation by killing half of it off with starvation and poverty? I am afraid to say, dear reader, you will live to see the division between classes in Britain widen to almost unbelievable levels, and will look on at the chaos of this world with either a hand full of cash, or a hand full of dirt (If you are not currently reading this with at least £50 cash in hand, expect the latter)

You can run and hide from the truth, whether you’re affected or not, but the truth is the truth and if reality is a harsh bitch, expect to be whipped if you are not the one with the whip in hand right now. I’d like to believe in equal opportunities for everyone in this country, but that’s a fairy tale now and will be until I die unless we somehow discover the world’s first 100% plainly honest politician and make them Prime Minister. I’m not surprised crime rates are increasing, and that people are looking at extreme points of view such as National Socialism as more and more reasonable. The people at risk are the ones we leave with no means to defend themselves so what do they do? People get angry. People get confused. People get hurt. People steal. People cheat. People starve. People die. All the while, however, our lords and masters watch from above in total amazement at how people can be so stupid. I seriously think the likes of Cameron ask questions like ‘Why don’t they just buy more money? Honestly, if these people sold their summer houses, they’d be fine. You could always buy another one two years down the line, just sell it for now’

I’m not done yet, oh good god no. Disability Living Allowance will become PIP, removing 500,000 people from the list of the eligible in one fucking go. Job Centre Staff admitted to The Guardian that they are ‘trained to find any sanction to not pay out’ and this includes scouring through forms for even the tiniest of errors, calling it a benefit fraud attempt and throwing the book at poor Jim Worthnought so hard you can read the terms and conditions off the back of his head. You deserve to claim benefits just by getting through the process of claiming them – a digital nightmare combined with forms heavier than a people carrier and all you can expect to help you do it is a ballpoint pen. If you’re semi-literate, you should probably choose a bench now. In a worst case scenario, crisis loans no longer cover transport and food, just food, and the Trussell Trust Food Bank is expecting a surge so out of hand, they’re begging for donations like we will all be doing soon enough… unless you’ve got a cosy seat in the middle class, in which case, I resent you.

I’m sorry, but there is more… A final blow, the last nail in the coffin of the underclass. Legal aid has been removed for anyone appealing for benefits and so now, if you’re refused and don’t think that’s fair, hire your own attorney or go home… or you can be your own attorney and get laughed at because you don’t know about Root Clause 0HWLL-FCKUM8Y – “Anyone who needs to claim money off the state is obviously a tool”. The CAB’s budget is set to go down from £22m to £3m. Let that sink in. Got it? Scream. Loudly. In Cameron’s face. As you beat him with a shovel. Please.

If you’re not affected and this still shocks you, don’t feel too bad – you were kept in the dark by those you trusted to tell you the truth. The media isn’t lying per se, it just didn’t say anything in the first place. Your beloved newspaper waited for you to fall in the water and crawl back out with your legs missing before shouting at you for swimming with sharks, and then tried to justify itself in it’s failings by shouting at the shark for a bit, calling it a mean shark.

I leave you with this thought – In a country where governments fear their people, you have benevolence. In a country where people fear their governments, you have tyranny.


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  2. Reblogged this on Heightened Senses and commented:
    What a brilliant summation of what has gone so desperately wrong with our dear country. Thank you Old Man Wolfe.

    “Democracy consists of choosing your dictators, after they’ve told you what you think it is you want to hear.”
    Alan Coren


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