A Blogger Worth A Thousand

Well, I did it folks, I finally hit the 1000 mark today. I’m pretty darn chuffed with myself, having come a long way from writing little rant statuses on Facebook and now I have my own blog, complete with fan base and hate mail. I’ll admit, this wasn’t what I expected to happen when I first got my blog and to get this far in less than a month is phenomenal, for me. You might be a blogger or an internet celebrity and see this achievement of mine as little more than junior pissing his pants in glee at having walked five steps without holding a big hand, but to me this is a milestone. 1000 views is a big number compared to day one and I’m hoping that with time, as the posts get funnier and more frequent, 1000 views will eventually become 2000, then 3000 and so on and so on.

I’d like to say this is all the result of my genius attracting a massive crowd from the start and that I have only myself to be proud of here but in fact, this wouldn’t have been possible without a number of people. First and foremost, my girlfriend Alice, who has been supportive from day one and continues to promote my blog endlessly, much to the displeasure of some who are no doubt sick of adverts for my rants on their News Feed. You can read about her life here


Alice struggles with an illness known as M.E. and is an inspiration to people in situations like her, so please follow her blog. You will find something to smile or cry about, healthy or not, and she may just say something that will help you find your way. If my rants destroy your faith in our planet, her posts restore it.

I’d also like to thank my regular readers and anyone else who promotes my work to their friends and colleagues; you’ve made it possible for me to get this far and I know you’re always hungry for more. Debbi Lilico, a trusted and old friend of mine, is also a blogger on this same site and you can read her musings and madness by clicking this handy link


If you feel left out of the special mentions, do let me know won’t you? I owe a huge thank you to the stupid things in life that provide me ammunition for the cannon of crap I fire at the internet like the trigger is hair thin. I may rant a lot but if this world was perfect, what good would I be? I’ve discovered I have very little talent for ranting about how good things are – it sounds awkward and weird. I love kittens, furry little motherfuckers make my day. See? Not natural at all.

Well, by now I’ve taken an enthusiastic stab at our modern society and it’s funny flaws, from totally tasteless tattoos to sloppy swaggots. I do struggle at times to think of what to rant about so, at the risk of opening the gates of Hell, the floor is open to suggestions. I want to do something special to commemorate 1000 views but I need ideas. I have a few but there needs to be some input from you as to what you want, because I do all this for your entertainment. My ideas so far are:

1. A compilation of mini rants, either as a video or a written post

2. An old rant remade into a video, either just filming myself performing it or as an animated cartoon (This would be made by me, unless anyone wants to volunteer)

3. An extra long rant about 2013 so far, in terms of big news events and internet crazes

Please leave your comments below or message me, providing you explain who you are first. I’m not too hard to find. Thank you all for your support this far!


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