Fleshed Out Argument

Hello my little rantees… rantettes… I don’t have a name for you yet but I’ll think of one eventually as a lot of you are no doubt thinking I refer to everyone as dipshit or smeghead. Moving right along, I realise I’ve been pretty quiet on the rant front so that’s going to have to change now isn’t it? I don’t want you all getting bored or getting your hopes up that I might have died between the last post and this one; as if that would stop me ranting… I’m feeling a little better as of late, recently went to a party that turned out to be great fun and it all went without a hitch, making a nice change from the regular tedium of disappointment.

Right then, let’s get things moving then shall we? I’m here today to tackle another demographic group that gets under my skin, which is ironic because that is exactly the sort of thing they’re against. Pacifists, don’t get passively disgruntled because it’s not you I have beef with, it is self righteous vegetarians. I need to explain here that by self-righteous vegetarians, I mean the ones that chastise anyone holding a burger and call you a cold blooded killer. Vegetarians, I am not a cold blooded killer because I think summer is all about barbecues, I’m a cold blooded killer because I stab people in the face (loud cough!) I am not a cold blooded killer at all in fact.

Don’t get me wrong here ok? I personally don’t feel satisfied with an evening meal if it is without meat and whilst I appreciate there are some of us out there who live on tofu and lettuce, I’m not one of those people. By all means, feel free to live on greens and good will because then there’s more cows for me to devour but don’t judge me for it! I am responsible in my consumption, making sure to eat free range eggs and won’t eat meat from battery farmed animals, plus you can’t point the finger at me and say ‘You’re killing God’s creatures’ for a number of reasons – I am not the one putting two shells in Daisy’s face, Farmer McGee is and I just eat the dead remains plus, by that logic, you are too because God created plants too, if you believe that. You can’t claim moral superiority either, because if you love the animals so much, don’t eat their dinner for them will you? I’m sure that fluffy bunny would rather die on a full stomach as opposed to slowly starving as your stupid hippy ass eats his last meal claiming to be Saint Vegetaballbrain of Pussydon.

I have more to say though, because not only are some of these people angry with me for eating the animal’s innards, but then they go on to say I’m exploiting them when I wear leather or eat a cheese sandwich. You know, the Native Americans had an argument similar to this with the European Settlers. The European Settlers would kill buffalo for fur and food then dump the bones and run yet called the Native Americans savages, despite the fact that said savages found a use for every part of the buffalo’s anatomy as either a food source, a domestic good or a tool. I believe that if an animal is going to be killed for meat products anyway, leave as little waste as possible. I don’t wear fur though, I don’t like it is all, but I love leather and eggs, cheese, milk, wool and all the rest of it. Obviously, you don’t kill a cow or a sheep for milk and wool but some have felt the need to say I’m abusing this animal and robbing it of something it owns. A sheep needs a shave and a cow needs milking and just because humanity benefits from these tasks, it doesn’t make a man an exploiter of animals. You want to leave cows and sheep to be by themselves do you? Go for it, your sheep will get themselves caught in fences and probably get heat strokes, and your cows will have serious mobility issues. If there is a God, he didn’t accidentally make milk and wool useful for humanity by happy coincidence, and I’m pretty sure he gave us dominion over the natural world so that we would live in an eternal give and take relationship with our planet.

Of course, even in the absence of a God, the natural world is still our responsibility. If humanity wants to call itself the smartest thing on the planet, then it should accept the mantle of carers for all creatures and by killing animals, not only do we feed our young and make clothes to shield ourselves from the cold, but we avoid overpopulation and in the case of things such as cheese, milk and eggs, we offer health benefits to animals. I have my limits – I wouldn’t eat an endangered animal and I think we have to ensure our livestock sourcing is sustainable or we all end up fucked. Vegetarians, you can go ahead and avoid burgers as sins against your bovine brethren, but you aren’t greater beings for it. You’re fallible creatures too, as prone to stupidity and poor choice as anyone else and claiming that your dietary choice is your redeeming factor is not a good call because by that logic, Hitler can be forgiven too. Yep, I played that card, your flat teeth must be grinding against a leaf pretty hard right now hmm? Oh what’s that? You have pointy ones too? Oh yeah, you’re A BORN PREDATOR. I’m following the natural order here, meat is made to be eaten, it has ‘eat’ in the name. Does celery have the word eat in it? Rice? Protein substitute? No? Pity…

I’m not against vegetarianism or veganism (Is that the word for it? Vegandom? Veganhood?) but what I am against is when a vegetarian or vegan berates a meat eater as some sort of barbarian from yesteryear and scorns anyone who likes the taste of turkey as a villain. Humans are predators, but also resourceful creatures that have learnt not to waste what they take from nature… for the most part. Eat what you want, it doesn’t make you any less of a human being… unless you’ve been drinking Extract of Ood, you should probably kick that habit fast. I’ll be furiously consuming a live pig as you read this.


9 thoughts on “Fleshed Out Argument

  1. As a devoted vegan (recently) and a vegetarian since i was born.
    and a complete non-believer.
    i have a few things to point out
    Calves get killed within the dairy industry – why most vegans are against milk production, a mother cow needs to have a calf to be able to produce milk, the calves are then murdered and sold off as veal. (this sickens me, as they don’t have a life)

    cows produce milk to feed young, not to be exploited and to feed us, as we don’t need milk. only the milk our mothers provide us. we are the only things on the planet that drink milk during adult hood..

    sheep have wool to protect them against the elements, if humans didn’t sheer them they wouldn’t get sunstroke as the wool protects them.

    with modern day science we can manufacture clothing/materials that means animals do not have to be killed for them.

    to be an animal in modern day farming must be horrific.. to be raped to have your children taken off you, then to be slaughtered..
    hardly humane.

    sorry for the rant!


  2. The relationship never has been, nor will it ever, be perfectly fair and equal for animals. I understand your beliefs and your right to them and don’t stand here to say that you’re kicking up fuss over nothing and should start shovelling bacon down your throat but that vegans aren’t saints and meat eaters aren’t savages. Comparatively, we have come a long way from where we started and still have further to go. I also don’t like to be thought of as exploiting animals – as I’ve said before, sheep do benefit from being sheared in the summer and whilst cows should be milked by their young, if we’re going to eat their young, we should milk them to ease that pain at least. I am not a murderer, or an exploiter of nature, but merely someone brought up with capitalist desires, as most of us are. However you look at it, something dies in order for our species to have its way, whether that’s a tree or a deer. If you want to live on artificial goods all your life, it’s actually worse for your health to be fair and excuse me for wanting to eat something that isn’t fake. As a Maori, my people believe that by eating meat, we gain the strength of the creature we ate the meat of. I wouldn’t say no to having the muscles of an ox.


  3. The foods i eat are possibly closer to a natural diet than most non vegan foods.
    as i don’t eat anything processed with additives.
    Just natural plant based foods.

    A sheep will shed its own coat much like a dog or cat, they need the wool to reflect the heat of the sun like the thick coat of a dog does (speaking from my animal management and dog grooming studies) taking away the coat of an animal generally makes the animal more at risk of over heating and getting sun stroke.

    I’m not saying to stop eating meat, i’m just saying the methods are horrific to me, and i don’t like the idea of the over breeding, over slaughtering of animals.

    when i go into a supermarket and see shelves full of ‘reduced’ meats and the amount that goes to waste, its just not right.
    an animal has lost its life just to be thrown away.

    Just mine and many animal lovers views on the meat/dairy industry


    • I agree in so far as I hate waste, which is why I have my principles on meat consumption. I’m not a mindless dreg who wolves down everything with a pulse. I’ll admit I didn’t know sheep naturally shed their wool, probably should have read up on them a little more. I hate waste and encourage everyone I meet not to carelessly discard what can be used again. Wasteful greed is never right, in any sense


        • Well, learn something new everyday. All in all though, you made your choice and I’ve made mine. I hope you don’t see me as some sort of brain-dead bacon machine and I respect that you are doing what you believe to be right


    • I know there is protein in food stuffs beside meat, I’m not that daft 😛 I’m glad we can agree to disagree with respect for one another – makes a refreshing change from some arguments I find myself having ahaha!


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