Right War

I think it is fair to say that as far as ranting goes, I’m never alone. I may rant and rave at a variety of subjects, from the philosophical to the stupid, but the subjects are not exclusively discussed by me and I’m not the only one that gets so expressive. As you may know, my style model is influenced by the works of Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell and to a lesser extent, Eddie Izzard and it is because of these three men, I find myself drawn to expressing anger in the form of humorous rants. Now today, I’d like to come onto a topic that has had women ranting for ages, the inequality between sexes. Before the penis-wielding section of my audience, switch off and go to watch football, or find uses for said penis, I’m not here to give a pro-feminist backhand to the male population regardless of whether or not one is in order. You see, my true objective here is to take on both sides in this war and ask the question ‘Shouldn’t we have resolved this by now?’

OK, having effectively alienated both genders, allow me to explain myself before I find myself strung from the town walls by my underwear with profanities tattooed across my bare chest. Nobody can deny that throughout history, women have had to bow down to men simply because men said so and this has led to women being forced into sewing buttons, cooking meals, being faithful to cheating liars and so on, and thank the heavens that for the most part, this is no longer the case. A majority of women in the western world are free to have a career, an education, divorces and even to be less than faithful themselves without being ostracised by the entire town (Though she may hear the word slut being thrown around in her direction for a while). I realise that not every woman in the world has the freedom to choose what she wants in life, with arranged marriages still in practice across the world and many women still living a life of subservience to male oppressors. In my opinion, men and women give each other too much crap but women are probably more justified, having faced over 2000 years of laundry and washing up without being allowed to question it. I support feminism and I like a woman who isn’t afraid to think what she thinks, whether a man is involved in her life or not. Men, don’t switch off, this gets more interesting for you later on. As you can probably guess, I don’t speak for women’s rights and I’m not the most informed man on the matter, but I’ve seen enough boys and girls to realise that both genders are guilty of a bit of sexism and some unnecessary shit-brewing towards one another.

I’m gonna start with what we men do wrong to women, and oh boy, I’ll be here for a while. Primarily, most women would agree that man’s biggest drawback is the unbreakable bond between the balls and the brain, and how the latter never quite shuts the former up with great success. Men, let’s face it, our eyes pay more attention to a woman than our ears do and in some cases, somebody working downstairs sees it fit to salute the young miss. As fun as it is though guys, sex isn’t what runs the world. I’m gonna get some rude remarks thrown my way but hear me out fellas, your head gets you more head. I blame the media really, for giving us guys unreal representations of women and a generation will grow up thinking that to get a woman to like you, you have to treat her like an old carpet – walk all over it and take it to beat it. Moving on, I find that men generally perceive their sex as the better sex, the gender with the muscles and therefore, the decision making. Once again guys, muscles don’t rule the world either and appointing yourself boss is not the same as being a good leader. If anything, money and intellect rule the world and women beat us on the intellect thing hands down so yeah, when in holes right? I don’t hang around too many guys because by default, each member of the male population thinks he’s something bloody special. Admittedly, I’m a tad arrogant too but that’s just in general, and doesn’t involve me blasting out ‘Wench, make me a sandwich!’ Everyone has expectations higher than a lightweight teenager under peer pressure and it only causes damage to everybody’s egos when we find out that the reality of romance and sex isn’t something straight out of Hollywood but can be a long and awkward experience.

Women, you aren’t off the hook because you give us men a hard time and it’s not always justified. A great deal of men do store their entire personality in their testes but if you paint every man with that brush, you effectively cut us out of the picture and if you’re not a lesbian, this can be a lonely existence. I frequently hear the turn of phrase that all men are the same but unless you’re an omniscient super whore that’s sampled every man alive at least once, you can’t say that with any certainty. However, if you aren’t calling us all binge drinking abusers of your love for us, you flip the switch and expect Prince Charming to materialise out of thin air and woo you with such sickly sweet charm, Romeo and Juliet suddenly becomes as crude as South Park. I speak for all men of genuine romantic interests in females when I say that we do our absolute best and not all of us have a vocabulary befitting of Oscar Wilde. Romance is not an easy business and considering us men usually have to do the wooing part, involving somewhere between a week and six months of hard work and sacrifice to potentially get our due credence, you might consider cutting guys some slack. You may have a money maker in your pants, but that alone is no reason to assume you are the goddess of every man’s dreams and if you take it as your right to make the rules and work your man to the bone, expect him to consider wandering off in search of something easier.

Feminism is a funny subject in general, having met many women who don’t identify as feminist because they feel that in their privileged lives as independent white women who have never known a life of laundry and loveless abuse, they don’t need to burn panties on flagpoles and give vicious speeches on castration. I suppose that’s fair enough and to be honest, some feminists get on my wick for their constant anger towards me for having a penis. I didn’t choose my equipment ladies, it was there when I got here. I just wish that this wasn’t still a subject for debate and that everyone had equal rights to do whatever the fuck we want to do with ourselves, because we need to recognise that we are all human and we have to get along for now as we only have the one planet. By the time we spread to colonies across space, we can all go our separate ways with different laws and moral values but for now, let’s call every man and woman equal and stop being total twats.


6 thoughts on “Right War

  1. This man has done ‘infinitely’ more for women (myself included) than all the phony unholy efforts of the zionist-feminism agenda combined. He’s a living Christ. ‘If’ You’re not a lunatic and therefore love the truth, as I do, he wakes you up, heals you and performs miracles.

    Quick, before he gets nailed to a tree again, by hate-filled vacuums, autistically cut-off from ‘reality,’ in which they’re needlessly digging their own grave, by projecting their hatred at innocent beautiful, wonderful and generous, near-perfect men, the mindless-bigot deluding themselves they’re ‘winning’ revenge against an object, ‘precisely’ as Zionists and their raging ghoulishly-stupid armies of sexual-deviants can ‘rely’ on :-



  2. This about made my month. You’ve got a real gift, Mr Wolfe-man.
    Alas, the angry feminists from the ’70s seem to have gotten a little nicer now, but they speak of a much more implicit, subdued yet equally perverse sexism – some postmodernist stuff that I can’t quite get my head around, but happen to have much sympathy for.

    As much as I believe in the absolute privilege of human beings in light of one another, and thus by extension equal rights to the sexes (but perhaps more than rights comes the discussion about moral ‘duties’/’responsibilities’ toward the ‘other), Feminism has, to an extent, done a disservice to the way the sexes relate to one another, and deprivileged women in the sense that their sexuality seems to pervade the discourse, leading to an increased obsession of men with sex – there seems to be this facade there that’s a function of a hermeneutical process of gender-warfare that became much more explicit (I blame Marx, Darwin, Freud and Foucault for this, even though I have much sympathy for the first and the latter)…

    Certainly, something needed to be done to liberate women from men, in many many senses, but in the context of men and women who have been raised in a world of women who were more empowered than their own mothers and grandmothers were, the modern relationship has become difficult to navigate. By extension, the explicit discourse surrounding the relationship has far more to do with the sexual functions and organs of both parties as predicated about the aforementioned paradigm of sexual oppression/liberation – we cease to see each other as ‘people’ who have far more to offer one another than the sum union of our sexual organs.

    Aggressive ‘liberation’ helped precipitate the ‘sexual revolution’ (and we men are at equal fault here) which led to disastrous, aggressive policies ‘pro-choice’ leading to the deaths of hundreds of millions of lives, the destruction of any notion of the sacredness of the commitment people make to one another (whether inside of marriage or without – especially in light of how it is so easy now to have an affair not face up to your responsibilities as a functional member of society – after all, you are not just betraying yourself when you have an affair, and thus your responsibility cannot ontologically be to yourself alone – there’s a lot of B.S about ‘how should I live with myself’ – which is only one level of the problem – ‘how should others be expected to live with you?’ is a question we seldom ask ourselves because of this ego-driven discourse); finally this liberation has led to our own enslavement to our carnal wants because the surrounding discourse on sex is now so explicit when engaging in the beginning of a relationship – as the philosopher and psychoanalyst Slavoj Zizek points out – this self sexual-expression has led to far more dissatisfaction, frigidity and so forth…I credit it with the breakdown of constructive relationships between men and women…that ought to have some sort of sociological function as much as an individualistic one…

    Rant over. If you made it this far…well goodness, that’s a first for me. Do you remember that line from Frasier when Martin was talking about his generation’s views on sex as ‘mysterious’ – “Sex is between you, and the person you’re doing it to!”


    • Fair play, that’s a worthy of a blog post in itself my friend. I understand where you’re coming from and would like to think we are on the same wave length. I am all for equal rights, but as you say, if you were born with more freedom in life than your mother or your grandmother, you really shouldn’t throw little tantrums of self righteous liberation parades. The battle to get this far was bloody, tragic and something we all could have really done without but then when are there battles that need to happen? I hope that in time everyone will exist as equal beings with the rights to do whatever we want to do with our lives (Within reason, I do not promote anarchy) because as I’ve said, we’ve only got one planet for now so until we can split the human race into segregated colonies across the stars, we should really aim to just get along and stop making a fuss. Men and women alike take each other for granted and hold a lot of unfair stereotypes against one another in a near religious manner, but ultimately we should look as to why we have these prejudiced views in our society and rectify them though such a movement seems unlikely.

      All in all, I’m glad you enjoyed this post and to hear it made your month has truly made my day. Be sure to keep following me, I promise to try and keep the goods coming, as it were. I also like the Frasier reference, love the program, and thank you for saying I have talent.


  3. I hope you found Erol’s comedy as hilarious as I do, delivering truth through selfless love and ridicule. He’s a living Christ, which most people can’t get their heads around, even though performing miracles and exposing evil whilst championing moral truth is a give away.

    He doesn’t really do a lot of self promotion, in the same way Van Gogh didn’t sell a painting in his lifetime, tormented to the end, by bragging psychopaths. I read over the posts above and wish I could ‘disabuse’ you of the pernicious ‘influence’ upon your thinking, which is easier for a good woman to put herself in the shoes of an innocent man, innocence existing more so than on their side of the imaginary ‘divide.’

    My talks with Erol made me realise, that I’ve been brain-sullied by propaganda my whole life, which was successfully getting me to ‘compete’ with men, to further widen a divide between men and women, which produces the fatherless chlidren which the ‘system’ is after.

    The system re-lies on you being ‘reactionary’ to simple fact, for everyone’s sake don’t be. Everything you’re objectified by and the daily harassment you’re subjected to is deliberately and ruthlessly aimed at you by Zionists and their army of sexual deviants, who need badly raised children to protect themselves so they can carry on with their ‘tradition,’ as best lampooned by Saint Mel Gibson in Apocalypto.

    It’s all ‘bullshit,’ feminism is simply exploiting the default mindset of gullible females, until they become ‘inconsolably’ raging, man-hating, thankless, power-lusting bigoted lunatics, which they’ll take-out on their unsurprisingly subsequently fatherless children. Which is what the Zionist ‘programmers’ want your children to go to primary school ‘for.’


    They know there’s an ‘explosion’ of sexual activity amongst ‘fatherless’ children, after they teach infants sex ed, compared to schools where it’s ‘not’ taught. They know there’s an exponential increase in drug taking and suicide when they teach those ‘pseudo-preventitive’ classes too.

    The epitome of evil is to ‘deceive’ in order to offend an innocent. Our anger shouldn’t be turned towards innocent men, it ‘should’ be turned towards those stirring it and ourselves for ‘falling’ for it, when coupled to our ‘reliable’ programmed reaction to those provocations.

    In brief, a minimum of 2 thirds of abused children are abused by single mums who were culturally encouraged, by moral-imbeciles to believe they were going to be Zsa Zsa Gabor, yet end up fighting with everyone whom they think aren’t good enough for Zsa Zsa, until they’re left alone, with their winnings, fatherless children. Whom their then ingrained lust for dominance and obedience, et al, is taken out on those children, especially by those who get sexual-pleasure from outing their ‘frustrations’ on ‘innocents.’

    Which in turn, means those children are 2 thirds more likely to become anti-social personality disordered & ripe for exploitation to protect the interests of the genocidal Zionists and join their army of sexual deviants.

    The cold hard ‘facts’ their ever-stirring media falsely portrays, to further their agenda, as regards fatherless children speak for themselves. It’s also a cold hard fact that women have ‘smaller’ brains than innocent near-perfect ‘good’ men, who are the number one victim of ‘all’ atrocities so that the ‘beasts’ in seats of power, lusting after our children, can have them more easily and de’moral’ise them and their estranged fathers into ‘self destruction’ more easily. As fatherless children are 2 thirds more likely to kill ‘themselves,’ raised by ‘exclusively’ by the marauding entitled Zsa Zsa.

    I see in the posts above you’ve been ‘co-opted,’ as I was, by my brain-sullying propaganda and determination to get pseudo-revenge against 100% innocent men who’ve got nothing to do with it. My best advice is doubt your ‘reaction’ to truth and relax, because if it’s not fact, ‘after’ you’ve ‘checked’ at-length, you don’t have-to believes it, then when you find out how far you’ve been duped you’ll question your way out of the cave into ‘peaceful’ sunshine.

    Behind ‘every’ seat of pseudo-power is a paedophile, unsurprisingly they’re after our children, they’re megalomaniacal-psychopaths and can rely on ourselves being similar enough to ‘ingrain’ their self-destructive ‘programming’ into our brains from infancy. When a woman’s saving ‘grace’ is that, unlike male psychopaths, even if she’s a psychopath women have 30% affective empathy, where male psychopaths would have none.

    But it’s that fact that allows us to fool ourselves that we’re caring and fair people, when our actions tell a completely different story and our fatherless children’s fate and our own outcome is ‘mindlessly’ predictable. 90% of western females are bi-sexual psychopaths.

    When I first started learning from Erol, I was ridiculously reactionary, due to my Zionist programming. None the less, I persevered and he selflessly taught me what his Christlike brain can ‘see,’ in the valley of the ‘blind,’ where 1 eyed megalomaniacal paedophiles (see, the mason symbol) believe they’re king, yet assassinate ‘human’ Kings who ‘can’ see what they’re up to.

    Most westerners don’t have that great a capacity for moral conscience across their frontal lobes and cortex, which if they don’t use they lose. That’s why we’re taught that morality is just our opinion and the truth is just our opinion, when morality is the law of the universe, like gravity, both of which are invisible at first, but just try throwing yourself out the window and see if gravity cares about your ignorance.

    Morality works the same way and since ‘understanding’ that fact from Erol, which psychopaths don’t want you to know, (which is their M.O. to a ‘T,’) I’ve been able to witness miracles unfolding in my life at the pace I’m prepared to ‘do’ what it ‘takes.’ Even though, like 90% of women I’ve no in-built moral compass.

    I don’t ‘expect’ a different result from you, than the 1 Erol got when he 1st spoke truth to me, suffice to say, try and understand, as that will give you the peace I wish you knew, whilst ‘keeping’ your wonderful and admirable fire, necessary to oust Nero from his fiddle and Hilary from her toilet-throne.

    In a nutshell, the way we’re raised means we struggle to make it out of infancy and our automatic ‘denial’ is simply moral-imbecility, since we have been ingrained to be like ‘them.’ I repeat, our saving ‘grace’ is that they can ‘never’ take away a woman’s affective empathy. Which we must ‘exercise’ by looking beyond the end of our own stung nose ‘and’ past the ‘entirely’ Zionist run media to the ‘real’ crime figures, seen throwing themselves off bridges ‘every’ night, suffering from brain-damage in their prefrontal cortex, due to having had the ‘raging’ result of Zsa Zsa endlessly taking out her power-lust out on him, destroying his life and moving on to her next game, whilst lizards in wigs cream themselves in Kangaroo courts, hiding our sworn enemy.

    The facts speak for themselves, 3 innocent good family men, throw themselves off of nearly every bridge in the country, ‘every’ night, bar none, yet you ‘never’ read about the ‘deliberate’ result, in the Zionist media behind it, you never read that innocent men are the number 1 victim of ‘every’ crime bar none. You never read what ‘they’ don’t want you to know, as otherwise you’d see what ‘they’ have done to you and are ‘still’ trying to do to you, (which they get pleasure from,) as otherwise you’d ‘correctly’ take your fire out on them.

    To conclude, you’ll be glad to read, I respect you and what the sowers of sorrows don’t understand is, they’ve built fema camps for us and enraged generations of otherwise-innocent women and hammered the most hated of all people on earth, innocent men. Yet ‘we’ can turn the tables on those ‘inbred’ psychopath voids, destroying our children, we ‘can’ put ‘them’ in the fema camps and all we need to do is turn our anger, away from innocent men, towards paedophiles who are 100% guilty of being able to rely on ‘us’ to destroy ourselves, due to our trampoline-brained rigid aloplastic imaginary-self-image defence mechanism. Which began the day we started concentration-campus in infancy and were taught to COMPETE and that we’re ‘equal’ to a near-perfect ‘wholly-different’ endangered-species, whom we were made to compliment and who’s morality would ‘save us from ourselves.’

    p.s. I don’t know about you, but I love a man who doesn’t let me away with anything, as I still ‘choose’ to factor out my disrespectful urge control, when I unconsciously want, ahem, chocolate. Men have been taught to feel insecure about providing us with ‘consequence,’ as shrieking-projection makes them self-examine insecurely and over the long term causes them PTSD. Where all of the above is leading us, as hard as it may be to believe, is WW3, thanks to our programming by Zionist lunatics, as war=dead children and dead innocent-men, whilst the paedophile sits on his massive farm home and dry.



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