Mother’s Day Special

I’ll start with what needs to be said here in order to give the correct context but basically my mother passed away when I was just about to turn eight years old and since then this time of year has always been kinda funny and surreal to me. I have a step-mother, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to integrate herself into the family and from an outside point of view, she’s more of a mother figure than my mother was, as my Dad insists. I see his point to an extent and I know she deserves due respect, though frankly she resents the fact I am breathing for various reasons. I’m eighteen years old and not living¬†independently, I used to be a sucker for breaking every set rule and I’m not a real man in her eyes but rather just a twat related to her husband. I’d like to thank my stepmother all the same for all she has done for our family and though we make as good a pairing as toothpaste and baking powder, she is a very caring woman.

You probably think I’m here to yell at you all for not doing enough to show your mother you care; that I’ll roll out the standard sob story about loss and tell you that at least you have a mother so shut your cakehole. Well, yes and no. Yes, show your mother some respect if you still have one in your life because she isn’t a permanent being and will more than likely pass away long before you do but no, I’m not bitter about only having one biological parent so don’t expect me to give you a long talk about family. I’ll be honest, my family is the oddest bunch of individuals you could place into one house and our life together resembles a nineties sitcom, but you don’t laugh as much as sit there and think ‘That’s actually rather tragic, how do they manage?’. My only answer to that is my Dad and stepmother manage as such, my brothers and I bumble along for the ride and as soon as I have the power to make things easier, I will. My plate is pretty full but whereas I sit there with a plate full of crap and struggle with that, my Dad has to go up for seconds against his will as life drags him into shit city by the scruff of his scrotum.

I was out in town yesterday and it was hellishly overcrowded with every idiot scurrying out the last minute like they hadn’t known what today was until yesterday; it astounded me. I feel like an awful son to my mother because I don’t visit her burial site often enough and to my stepmother because she can’t stand to be in a room with me for thirty seconds yet these people made it such a slapdash effort to be sons and daughters. Aha, here’s your lecture. If you are guilty of only preparing for today yesterday, shame on you. If not, congratulations, because you will literally spit shit when you hear me say that this world isn’t showing enough love. That’s right, Old Man Wolfe just told you to be more loving. Before I vomit rainbows, allow me to explain. I think we get into pointless arguments and crises because we can, because we all get caught up in something and it makes us more negative as people so things get worse and everyone suffers as every Tom, Dick and Sally turns on one another with angry eyes. I rant for a reason and it’s not just me saying ‘Everything sucks dick harder than a whore on speed!’ but to say ‘This world is going downhill; we have the power to stop it and we don’t. Wake up people!’. I disapprove of so many things because ultimately it sells us all the idea that being a selfish and vain imbecile is what life is about and that to be happy, you need to look like this, walk like that and know these things or so help you, kill yourself now and save yourself the trouble.

People of Earth, listen to me when I say it’s all a load of bollocks and the key to real happiness is to avoid these things and just know what you really want, then go for it. I can’t guarantee it will work and you may well fall flat on your face but it’s better to crash and burn knowing you failed in reaching out for what you truly wanted, then failing at something you wouldn’t have enjoyed succeeding at either. You are an evanescent being my friend, and you will meet many people but not know them for too long so be sure to hang onto the good ones alright? I’ve lost a few, so I’ll hang onto those that remain even tighter because ultimately, my goal in life is to be a good person and leave some sort of mark on the world before I go, so that I might live on beyond my years if only as the anecdotal fool of a few good friends to talk about with their family in years to come.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Special

  1. Your mother was a great woman but surely the fact that you frequently use your mothers death as an excuse for your anger is rather disgusting, No questioning how having a mother or not alive can have a detrimental effect on your life but using it as an excuse and that if anyone remotely questions anything with regards to your mother, im sure you go off on a mental stint


    • I’m not using my mother’s death as an excuse for my anger; my anger is at people who don’t appreciate their own. If anyone remotely questions anything regarding my mother then most of the time they are just wrong anyway for they usually don’t know the woman as well as myself or the rest of my family. I am an angry person by nature and I know this, but I never claimed that my excuse is not having a mother, my reasons are a mental predisposition towards anger, mood disorders and being a generally arrogant person. Does that make more sense now Mr. Beckham?


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