Wheels In Motion

If I were to say I’m a skeptical man by nature then that’d be a bigger understatement than saying the sun is hot or Nicki Minaj is an overpaid and talentless tart but I am skeptical, especially of things that are supposed to be taken at face value. You may often hear people back up their argument with the words ‘Studies show…’ but if you think about it carefully, just because one study supports one theory, that theory doesn’t become solid fact. For example, there are studies that suggest fast food is actually beneficial to your health and should be a staple part of your diet, but this study was conducted at the Hamburger University in the USA, a corporate university funded by MacDonald’s themselves, and when you compare this study to several surveys conducted amongst dietitians, this study has as much ground to it as a cloud on drugs.

One thing I’m skeptical about in particular is the new drug I’m taking to help my mood problems, an OTC drug called St. John’s Wort. I have to admit that at first I thought the name was some sort of joke designed to embarrass me in front of the chemist or to horrify me when typed into Google. The pills are rather large and I can take two daily, so that’s one in the morning and one in the evening and I’ve bought enough to last me two weeks because apparently mood medication is bloody expensive without prescription. I’ve often heard the suggestion that I see a doctor about a diagnosis of depression so I can start taking Prozac but honestly, I’m reluctant to be reliant on any sort of external body and the idea of one side effect being mania induced into a maniac (Aha, pun pun pun) like me is slightly frightening. If your campfire is looking small, you don’t pour a tank of oil on it to kick up the heat because you value your eyebrows to some extent and the idea of physical harm over a bit more warmth seems unbalanced so I’m starting small with these Worts and seeing how things play out.

I suppose this isn’t the funniest rant I’ve ever written but I like to imagine you all give a damn about this stuff, even if it’s just something to read with a piece of toast. I promise you, the proper rants are on their way at some point, though I am curious as to whether or not being in a better mood will have a detrimental effect on my ability to rant. I certainly couldn’t get far with ‘Today’s rant is about how lovely the weather is outside, that fucking charming sunshine and dry grass to lie in like a happy lazy kitten’ because it just doesn’t quite click. I’ll keep you all posted how things play out with these new mood meds but so far so good, came home today and didn’t immediately devolve into some sort of troll that feeds on broken dreams so that’s good. I want to be social, I honestly do, and despite all appearances I do actually have the capability of being a positive and likeable creature when I try hard enough, not everything I encounter is shit. You might notice I assume things are shit until proven otherwise but this is the internet, skepticism saves you from many many viruses but I guess it’s easier to call something shit and let it prove to you that it isn’t instead of getting your hopes up. However, for the sake of my own well-being, I am going to put my faith in these little pills and hope on my lucky star that something good comes out of this eh?


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